Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We have utilized this Copyrighted system for necklaces since 2014 and found that the attendees are able to quickly meet other people who are like-minded.

This also helps Mild people by allowing them have a Green Necklace with no beads, so they can easily avoid unwanted attention.

How do you add them to your event?

This is done through a licensing agreement to utilize our Necklace System™.

What if they want to add beads during the event?

We recommend having a supply of the different color beads on hand as many people feel like expressing themselves with the beads as they see many others similar to them doing it.

Why have the names?

If you meet people at a pool during the day with sunglasses and a hat, and then see them dressed up at night they can look very different.

It can be embarrassing forgetting names after talking to people in a large group for hours.

It is also easier to run an event as you can see everyone's name, because they only have to remember you, so they have an unfair advantage.