Meet Friends Dancing with the Necklace System™

Meet Friends Dancing

with the Neckace System™

Meet Friends at Pool Parties with the Necklace System™

Meet at Pool Parties

with the Necklace System™

Meet Like-Minded Friends with the Necklace System™

Meet Like-Minded Friends

Learn how you can make Necklace System™ a part of your event.

The Necklace System™

Woman wearing necklace with name Nadia

MILD or WILD™, what do I personally identify as?

Everyone has their own personal identity that is unique that you can embrace.

We allow the freedom to let people know how you identify yourself in a way of acceptance.

Colored corded, beaded, name necklaces with your identifiers.

Your name is on the necklace to help everyone remember the names especially in large groups.

We have utilized this proven Copyrighted Necklace System™ since 2014 and refined it for maximum results. 

Necklace Colors - Copyright ©2021

The Necklace System™ cording is colored to show your MILD or WILD™ level in your personal lifestyle.

MILD or WILD™ Cord Colors: Meaning:
GREEN MILD / Relaxed Fun, Doing Your Thing
RED WILD / Active Fun, Outgoing Party PeopleIf you think you are wild, you probably are.

Meet other at an event with a variety of necklace and bead colors, so you can find others at your level.

MILD event attendees reserve the right to become a little WILD at their own pace.

The MILD or WILDNecklace System™ takes a lot of pressure out of social settings with large groups, and lets people find others quickly.

Make the most of your differences by letting others know how you personally identify. 

Bead Colors - Copyright ©2021

The Necklace System™ has colored beads which you can choose according to your personal interests.

Necklace System™Bead Color: Meaning:
PINK Same Sex
WHITE Single or Open Relationship

Are You Mild, Wild or Somewhere in Between?

Let others know so like-minded people can find each other.

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